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Features & Benefits

  • Takes up to 5 hooks out up to 1000m, much further than it is possible to cast
  • Used in conjunction with a standard fishing rod and reel, no bulky winches or longlines
  • Designed and tested in Australasia for Australasian conditions
  • Unique innovative design
  • Can be easily operated by one person
  • Lighter and more portable than traditional kontikis/torpedos
  • Twin jet unit powered with no exposed propellors or rudders
  • Set up with either the Magna-ring or via Fish Seeker app
  • Self guided using inbuilt electronic compass, simply set the heading
  • Hooks are safely enclosed within the bait pod on the way out so safe from birds, crabs, tangles etc

Frequently Asked Questions

1 x Fish Seeker

1 x Battery Charger

2x Batteries

1 x Traces set

1 x Magna-ring

1 x Tow point pulley

1 x Maintenance grease tube

Yes. A recent assessment from the Queensland Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries in respect of the Fisheries Act 1994 advises that the Fish Seeker complies as it is only used to deploy the fishing apparatus i.e. the line and hooks. At the same time the fisher must comply with the prescribed regulations of that state surrounding use of the particular fishing apparatus under Chapter 4, Part 4 of the Fisheries Declaration 2019 (e.g. in Queensland, no more than a total of 6 hooks attached to the fishing line in tidal waters and no more than 1 hook attached to the fishing line in non-tidal waters).

Approx. 3 knots (5 km/h)


The main trace line, which the traces holding the hooks and the sinker attach to, is 80 pound breaking strain. The traces attaching the hooks and the sinker to the main trace line are 35 pound breaking strain. This way if the sinker or a hook gets snagged and you are forced to break it free you will only lose that piece as the 35 pound trace will break first.

There are 5 hooks spaced a metre apart, each with a 40cm trace that is attached to the main Trace line on a swivel.

Stainless steel size 6/0 recurve or "circle" hooks

6 metres

A unique lithium-ion 10.8 Volt DC, 6.6 Amphour, 71Wh battery which takes approx. 3.5 hours to charge using supplied charger. It has a maximum run-time of 12 minutes when fully charged with a range of 1,000 metres in flat water.